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    Smile Hydronic Cooling w/ Ice Energy Storage.

    The system freezes a block of ice then runs water through the ice and circulates the cold water to radiators.

    Aside from condensation, are there inherent problems with ice storage hydronic cooling?

    Is it efficient when compared to forced air or window ac systms?

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    Time of Use Electric Rates

    Not sure about efficiency.

    This concept is to take advantage of the fact that electric companies will give substanially lower electric rates at night when loading is down. I've seen it over half the day time rate. So produce ice in middle of night when electric is cheap and reduce electric usage in middle of day when rates are higher.

    From an electric USAGE I would suspect it is less efficient and you would use more kWH for the same amount of cooling.

    From an electric COST it is a good idea. If I save 50% on my electric rates while being 30% less efficient, I still come out ahead.

    AC Electricity can't be stored and adjusting power generation is complex and wasteful, so ideally a power company would love to see the same load 24/7. That is why they offer time of use and incentives to commercial users to decrease daytime and increase night time use.....

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