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    Jul 2009
    st louis mo
    people will buy gas until its ten dollars a gallon

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    Sacramento, CA
    Yes, I agree completly, if the technology was developed to use all the energy ina gallon of gas that would be a far better goal than electric hybrid technology.

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    Dont worry all I'm working on a Mr. Fusion.

    You should see how efficient an a/c system becomes when you replace all of your run capacitors, with my new flux capacitor.
    Global Warming or: None like it hot
    No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater... than central air. -Dogma

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    ya thats the answer ....... go anything but oil we need to buy from the arabs and other countries.

    Then we will end up bailing them out like the banks, auto makers , unions, housing market, wall street , and a lot of other FOOLS that got themselves in this mess.

    You think these politions are not stupid enough to be giving out tarp to all the terrorists selling us OIL at over blown prices ????????

    Hell ya end the war on terrorists and they will be starting a TARP program to suport them for being out of business.

    My answer is just like clunkers for cash. More of a fools for tools. For every fool you turn in we give you tools that you need to start a business that contributes to the econmy. ( enough free lunches and welfare )

    The LESS fools that are looking for free lunches the better off this country will be.

    First we start with congress ........... that trade will supply enough tools to get the country back to where it was before the economy went bad.

    After that we will work tools to put this country back ........ ON TOP WHERE IT SHOULD BE

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