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    I work for a comercial HVAC company. I had about 1 years experience with a residential company then worked in manufacturing for about 4 years and have been with this company for about a year. Before I started with the comercial company I took an HVAC course through Penn Foster just to get the very basic knowledge(I know thats not the best type of training). Right now im an assistant technician(mostly help on jobs where another set of hands are needed). I thought training and experiance I got in the field would be enough coupled with the course I took to become a good technician. Now my employer wants me to go to the local community college and take HVAC courses. I dont have a problem with that but I was wondering is it really going to help me? Most people I talk to say they didnt come out of school knowing how to do anything, but learned most eveything in the field. Like I said I dont have a problem going to school or doing anything else that will help me get better but im just wondering what to expect. I thought I would be further along after doing it full time for a year, but I have been doing a little bit of everything not just helping on service calls. I just want to hear others experience. How much did you come out of school knowing? Do you think the school is important or is time in the field a good equivilant? How much can I expect to learn in school? What should I be able to do in the field when I finish school? Also I know I have a long way to go but I think I can do a little more than they are letting me do right now(about the only thing I work on myself are exhaust fans and clogged drain lines). How can I get them to let off on the leash a little bit? Prove to them I know more?

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    You are probably doing what the company you work for needs you to do. Put your head down and do the best job you can do and they will soon see that you are a good man.
    You may need to talk to your boss and explan the way you feel but be sure to do it in a positive way.
    Keep learning. In any field you will need to learn all your life.
    I am 70 years old and still learning. That’s one thing that makes working fun.
    Look for another job if you think you need to, but be sure it’s the right way to go.
    I’ve been where you are and made plenty of mistakes.
    Just enjoy being young and full of ambition.

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    The last thing you want to do. Is think you can learn enough, without school, or training courses.

    Those guys that learned everything in the field, don't know what they haven't learned yet.

    There is no subsitution for OTJT. But, if you apply your self in school, you cn learn more things quicker(depends on the quality of the school).

    Maybe in school you'll learn the difference between ESP, and ASP.

    Also, the more things you learn in school, and the less you learn by trail and error.
    The more money you'll make for the company. And the better they can justify giving you a raise.
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    I recommend the schooling as well, ESPECIALLY if they will pay for it.

    Take advantage of any and all training you can get.

    Possibly look into BOMA classes, they give you HVAC or controls or refrigeration class, with college credits, and helps you move towards your SMA or SMT.

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