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    It's still the Carrier compressor. I'm told 42Hz is the bare minimum, for bearing reasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chiller rob View Post
    (see the picture)

    reduced maitenance savings...
    variable speed/ oil free/ frictionless...
    iplv performance at 0.385 or so KW/Ton...
    no oil issues ever again...
    increased system redundancy...
    excellant with variable chilled and/ or condenser water flow...
    can run entering condenser water temps up up to 85f for significant water
    savings at most load condtions...
    no more mandatory cold condenser water to stay out of surge...
    staged compressor flexibility... no more pony chiller...
    low acoustic signiture... 70 db...
    existing chiller upgrade with out mandatory mechanical room upgrades...
    excellant way to convert existing equipment from R22 to R134a...
    compressor service does not require full system shut down...
    controllers available to run 6 or more compressors in tandam...
    5 year compressor parts warranty available...
    new chiller performance without the installation costs...

    This is a 465 ton Carrier 19XL R22 machine that was land locked...
    eddy current was performed to verify tube condition...
    after the compressor demo was completed, three 140 ton turbocor compressors were installed...
    the shell modifications are asme certified...
    the R22 to R134a refrigerant conversion was accomplished by changing the linerear float...
    it has been in service for well over 2 years and runs great...
    we can take our part load performance to 35 tons and pull 30 amps...
    it may not be for everyone but our customer likes the product very much...

    Chiller Rob
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    What kida $$$$ for the conversion? Looks like a job well done!
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    Capt Jack...

    i appreciate the question but it would not be proper for me to discuss that...

    i will say this...

    this technology is not about a compressor change out... it is a system upgrade or enhancement idea...

    think about any system and ask what would or could be possible if the compressor(s) had the ability to unload to 10% or even 5% demand...

    all the rules change when you can reduce the lift, slow your velocity and you dont have to return the oil... at low loads you can literally watch the liquid refrigerant moving thru the ll sight glass...

    these retrofits (chiller conversion or DX retro) are not cookie cutter and each retrofit with its system complexities needs to be evaluated, engineered and estimated individually...

    thank you,
    chiller rob

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    Good looking install/retro Rob.

    So which float did you end up using?

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    we used a float for an XR same tonnage range...
    they are all the same except for the lenghts and width of the slots...
    it is interesting to hold the R22 valve next to the 134a and see the differance in flow between the two refrigerants...
    i would estimate the 134a to have about 1/3 more flow...

    Thanks all for the comments...

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    If your looking for that much of a turndown the Turbocor would be the way to go. It would certainly more efficient with the fact that there would be no oil either. as far as a vsd the flow curve on the carrier wheel would probably drop out around 35 hz plus you still need some rotational speed for the bearings to float properly. I would go with the turbocor. It would be a hell of a lot less to maintain also.

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