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    low lowside pressures?

    so i do what i thought was an easy cash job go to juice up this armstrong concept 1000 2 ton unit, the lowside is running at no more than 35 pds. WTF! so i pull the 22 out take apart the bullet thinking there is non condensibles restricting the cap tubes in the evap and blow the crap out of the lines with nitro. put her back together and still 30pds and about 190. like am i a ****ty mechanic or does armstrong suck? prob the!

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    What was your OAT, IWB and your superheat?

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    sounds like a crimped suction line or a restricted cap. Need more info. Is it freezing up, If so which way does the frost line go. A dead giveway is freezing up starting at the outdoor unit going in. More info please!!

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    Please read site rules. This i not a DIY forum. So we can't post answers to technical questions in the open forums.

    If your in the trade, get your post count up to 15 and apply for pro membership.
    Once accepted, you'll have access to the pro tech, and educational forums. Where you can get technical answers.

    Thread closed.
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