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    Just a portal site to lots of junk sites.
    I r the king of the world!...or at least I get to stand on the roof and look down on the rest of yall

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheelbaron View Post

    Just a portal site to lots of junk sites.
    Not Quite...

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodguyu69 View Post
    My dad has a geo metro, 3 cylinders = excellent mileage, just dont pass anyone with it unless you have lots of room
    I had to replace an engine in a Chevy Sprint once under warranty. The parts man handed me the short block over the counter in a small wooden box. I carried it under my arm.

    The chain weighs more than the engine!
    There's TREACHERY AFOOT!!!

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    My daughter purchased a 1999 Geo and drove it from Seattle to NYC where she lives now. She got a speeding ticket going through Chicago doing 80.

    She kept it on the streets of NYC for years until there hardy was a straight panel left. Someone in a SUV backed into her hood and dented it in about 5 inches or more so every time it rained she would get a pool of water that the birds took a bath in. She had the oil changed twice and tuned once when it just wouldn't run anymore.

    On the way to DC we heard a noise so I attempted to open the hood. It was frozen shut. So I found a half empty bottle of soda and poured it on the hood cable until it unstuck the rust, then opened up the hood.

    Last time I visited her the car was no where to be found..asked what happend. She said she had so many parking tickets the the city towed the car and sent her the bill to pay if she wanted the car back. She said the tickets were more then the car was worth so she never picked it up.

    Someone out there may still be driving the thing. I think it was close to 175K miles with two oil changes and one tune up.
    "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers it can bribe the public with the public's own money.
    - Alexis de Toqueville, 1835

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    If that guy gets some, he managed it with exactly 10 mins effort and about 10 bucks spent. Go ahead and try to pick up chicks in that amount of time and one drink. Apologies to the Casanovas out there who pick up chicks while putting air in their tires or scratching their a**es. ;-)

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