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    [QUThis group provides service and other chiller related information.
    Thanks, I looked a little bit tonight. I didn't know Contracting Business was in Parma.
    I am just north of Parma.

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    Chiller School

    For me, there's been no school, like the School of Hard Knocks. When I started, I had a couple of great teachers, who were willing to show me the ropes, and I was very eager to learn. But, the most important part was when we sat back and shared a few cold ones, this was when I asked the questions. If you are willing to lift heavy things and think hard, I've got the training for you, let's go for a cold one.

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    could you send me the chiller training material you talked about

    Quote Originally Posted by absrbrtek View Post
    I have some decent training guides I can send you if you want.
    could you send me a copy of that material please ... thank you

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