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    effects of insulation on sizing heat pump

    We are building a two-story home (2300 ft^2) in central Missouri with the lower level as earth contact. Exterior walls (9' high) are insulated concrete formed (lower) and 2 x 6 (upper). We are going high end on insulation. We have obtained quotes from two installers of geothermal systems and both suggested 3.0 to 3.5 ton systems. Their recommendations do not seem to differ from those for slightly larger homes with much less use of insulation (also not earth contact) and having much more window surface area. Am I wrong to assume that controlling heat loss / gain from environment can reduce size of a geothermal heat pump required to manage temperature and humidity?

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    The problem is, a lot of dealers don't know how to deal with a super tight house. They are scared to put a small unit in 2300 sq ft. You are very right that reducing the load, winter & summer, reduces the size needed of the equipment. Oversizing the cooling will result in high humidity, discomfort, higher bills & mold.

    Might check with these folks:

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    Did any contractor supply a load calculation to support there suggestion? If they don't run a load they are just giving you a guess.

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    Sounds like a load calculation needs to be done. Seems like both are an overkill on the cooling side.

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