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Thread: blower issues

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    blower issues

    having a issue with twinned york 33' furnaces. when a call for heat both furnaces fully function properly. on a call for cooling furnace 1 blower comes on condenser 1 comes on furnace 2 blower will not come on but condenser 2 does come on. when i moved breaker for furnace 2 to a different phase in the breaker panel furnace 1 blower is fine condenser 1 is fine furnace blower 2 ccomes on and off then on and off and so on. any suggestions would be of great help since im at a loss

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    Sounds like a wiring issue from the (I assume) single stat, running the two units. Moving the breaker to a different spot in the box and having a different reaction makes no sense. I would be inclined to seperate the two units and run them individually off the stat. Make sure they both function correctly. Once that's done and you determine they do, wire them to act together off the stat. Make sure ther hasn't been a terminal error and check the results

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    What is the SIMPLE control configuration that would eliminate your concerns? ?
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    Contact York tech support while your at that jobsite.
    They will help you find the problem..

    You have the post count, apply for pro membership.

    thread closed.
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