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    GE refrigerator question

    Hi all.

    (I posted this in refrigeration and ice making as well)

    I got a call from a friend who wanted some phone technical support from me to troubleshoot his GE PDS22MISABB refrigerator.

    I was an appliance repair tech. some 25 years ago, but am now behind the curve.

    As I walked him through what to check we found out that the condenser fan motor doesn't turn while the compressor is running.

    He said it is a 12 volt DC fan motor with three conductors. I've never heard of such a configuration on a refrigerator. He said two of the conductors have 12 volts DC, but the third conductor doesn't register anything.

    So my question is: What's up with the DC, 3 conductor fan motor? Is it a variable speed motor?

    Thanks in advance.

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    G.E. brings good things to light. G.E. went to a control board which you can see in the back of the frig behind a panel maybe 6x8 inch. The board controls everything from DC fans, to defrost heaters to compressor. Every major supply warehouse has a 100 plus boards in stock because they go bad alot. If you call G.E. tech support (which you can't unless your on the bubba list) they will tell you to check a couple things and replace board and fan motor. BTW this happened to my frig on Thanksgiving day I stuck a free standing fan in back of my frig to get me by till I could get parts. It was the circuit board that was bad which is the case 9 out of 10 times. Does no DIY count on appliances ?
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    Deleted your original post in Refrigeration and Ice making.

    No double posting.

    Moved this one to Refrigeration and Ice making, since it has a reply.
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