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    And now your standing there with a fishbowl on your head!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubbleheadski View Post
    Nah... I came in after the old GI Bill by about.... 2 yrs maybe.... and before the new GI bill... we had VEAP... which I think sucked rotten eggs. Did I tell you I was accepted to NC State and was going to major in Textile chemistry??? Even had a room reserved in the dorms which is uncommon for a freshman at NCSU, But Dad talked me into the military.... which I really dont mind cause I loved the submarine service!

    well as an air force brat I have flown above the water..... but I actually went on a P-3 training flight while we were in Portsmouth NH (Kittery Me.) for overhaul.... Of course i was SS qualified so that gives me under.... AND.... I was on a Submarine Tender that put out to sea at least one week every three months. Of course on the sub you have to attain your highest watch station qualifications.....divisional and ship, on the sub tender I qualifies CIC watch supervisor on my second run... (they made me wait cause i would have been done with all qualifications on my first run), then The OS2 and I stood port and starboard watches supervising the 4 CIC watch sections... (I was pretty proud of that since i hadnt been there long and there were more senior E6's standing regular supe watches.)
    So... I was under... on and over (kinda) plus I even went to shore duty!
    So, if you went into the Naval Reserve, could you qualify for the present GI BIll?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gravity View Post
    have a discussion going on right now. buddy saids that moisture does not cling to nitrogen because nitrogen is an inert gas. ive read manuals that say keep nitro in the system for an hour so moisture clings to it? what do u guys think and do u have proof?
    It push the moisture and over stuff out of the system to put in in a simplely.

    Thanks for the information "Alden_Sloe" your saying the same stuff my wife ( a Chem Eng) says
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