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    Confused Please educate me on DSI

    Hi All ..

    I'm new to the HVAC world and need to find some good reading on how to setup an direct spark ignition.

    My current burners use Baso H19 safety valves for the pilot. One of these valves is crapping out so I want to see if it would be possible to change it to DSI. The controller part I understand but there is little information to be found on the spark/sensor modules. The ones I see come with only one wire so how does the controller see there is a flame to stop the spark and or stop the burner.

    The butan burners are 60.000 BTU using 10 - 20 PSI.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Soory, this is not a DIY site.

    If your in the trade, get your post count up to 15 and apply for pro membership.

    Once accepted, you can ask questions in the pro forums.

    Till then, Thread closed.
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