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    Quote Originally Posted by beachtech View Post
    yea lmfao iraq's company needs help...

    was in a prime location for them earlier this year. put in app, and heard nothing from them till 3-4 weeks ago. got a phone call asking if i was still interested in the job lmao

    uummm ,nah, i'm good now thanks
    LOL... isnt that the way it works? Heck... where was he when Ijumoed ship 3 months ago!!!
    but then I didnt talk openely to much about what I was planning cause there are spies out there!!!
    Silent Service........ Death From Below!

    Somewhere in Kansas, a town found a village idiot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swampfox View Post
    Lets do a NC/SC convention there, she will hook her nephew up, right?
    Count me in......
    Look to the past to learn;look forward to live.

    Coach Dean E. Smith

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