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    Confused Question Retrofit Central Air

    We are planning to retrofit Central Air (a 4 ton system) in our 2100 sqft house. The house has 3 bedrooms in the second floor with two bathrooms (not huge - 4 ft x 6 ft), one office room (5ft x 6 ft) and a hallway. The contractor said he will install the return in the hallway and three registers in each bedroom. I'm debating on installing the registers in the bathrooms, closet and the hallway too.

    Also the duct works will run through the closets and serve the first floor - living room, family room, kitchen and dining room.

    The contractor is suggesting - no need to install in bathrooms, closet and hallway as it will be freezing. Please advice.

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    We have registers in our bathrooms but not closets. The closets get very warm and humid in the summer!

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    sktn77a thank you for your reponse.

    what about the hallway and the office room (this currently we are using as a walk-in closet - (5ft x 6 ft) - should these have registers too or no?

    Let me know your opinion?

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    Supplies in bathrooms and large walk-in closets. Returns in each room if possible, but not bathrooms, and kitchen area.
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    You didn't mention if the bathrooms are full or half. I'd always put supplies in a full bath...the airflow helps to clear out humitidy after a shower/bath. For the same reason, you don't want returns there (no need to suck the hot/humid air).

    If one or more are half-baths, then it's probably not necessary.

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