I'm new here and I've just finished writing my G2 exam.
I think I did alright but when I was done I was extremely dissapointed with my training. It's amazing to me I can write an exam and get a ticket for equipment that can be dangerous, without even working on it.
We spent about 1 day a week at best in the lab and in the last 3 months before G2 none, our teachers thought it would be best to get our modules finished. When I wrote the exam I diffinetly saw the need for hands on knowledge and being taught more than straight from the books.
I'm so frustrated with this school and I feel they are ripping people off (15,000 TUITION) is there anything that can be done?

I feel with schools like this it is flooding the market with techs with tickets and no real knowledge, and for the guys that already have tickets it's lowering there value. I think T.S.S.A is the real problem, if it were a red seal trade people would be getting the expierence needed time needed to fully be qualified.
Sorry to rant, but maybe there's some that feel the same frustration.