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    Hello All,
    Would someone know of an HVAC (gas) available? We are a brand new business and the one that was in the store completely died and due to the nature of our business, it is stiffling hot!
    When I mean a brand new business, I mean that all of my assets were spent in getting this place together and money is scarce at best - while we are doing very well, even in this economy, it is barely enough to breakeven at the moment.
    Maybe a business that is closing or upgraded for a newer model, any help is greatly appreciated and we are willing to barter.
    Thank you!!!!!!

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    HVAC? you're looking for an HVAC?

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    I'm confused. Gas? as in for your car?!.......
    Are you looking for craigslist?

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    Sorry if I was not clear.
    The need is for an HVAC unit, heating and cooling for a store with an area of 875 square feet that runs on natural gas (pipes already installed by Connecticut Gas & Power) rather than electricity.
    The one it is presently installed that is totally dead is:
    American Standard
    Model TWH0308140A1
    Serial 12325689
    1/3 motor, 2.1, 200.230 volts
    I need a replacement for it since this is 100 years old (not really) and probably it is not energy efficient.
    Any consideration is greatly appreciated!!!!

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    A gas fired A/C will cost more then an electric one.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    So many unanswered questions.

    What, exactly, is 'dead' in the unit?

    Why can't the existing unit be repaired?

    Have you gotten a second opinion as to the repairs needed?

    Being new in business and having tight finances, I can see the temptation to choose the cheapest repair company available to you. This is often unwise because good mechanics don't work cheap.

    I just finished up with a repair job this morning where the maintenance guy was bugging me about how I was cutting into his budget and I calmly explained that I will fix it correctly, ONCE, and that will be a lot cheaper than half-a$$ing it three or four times. He wasn't exactly elated over my attitude, but he accepted it because he understood it, deep down.

    Find that guy, that slow, patient guy, that looks things over in a methodical fashion, tests and verifies everything. Hire him. He will save you a ton of money in the long run.

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