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    Age of Bryant furnace

    Model: 100-348SE
    Serial: 14A 31496

    I've been told it's from 1996 but I've also seen a PDF that says it could be from 1972. My house was built in 1956, sold in 1972 and also sold in 1994 so both years seem possible.

    Does anyone have a definate answer?



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    I vote 1972. Definitely 60s/70s vintage, not 1996. In the later 70s they went to the current serial number configuration. 1296A12345 where 12th week of 1996, made in Indianapolis, 12345 is sequence number.

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    from 64-79 bryant used a number letter code for week/year

    so your unit was made 14week of 1972

    after 79 they went to 4 numbers at the start first 2 is the week second 2 are the year

    hope this helps

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