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    Cool Me Down

    We have a 2,000.00 sq ft house, Bryant A/H (2005), Trane C/U (1998). When the A/H was installed new in 2005 the tech (friend) said it's always a good idea to keep like/like but not imperative.

    C/U had been working well. Just had inspection last month, all seemed to checkout. Here's the new dilemma:

    We live in southwest florida (90 degree day highs june-oct) 50% relative humidity june-oct as well.

    Here are settings: 77/78 day, 75 night (kids/wife home during day). two months ago i replaced thermostat with programmable, which seems to keep the system running more often/longer (perhaps my imagination, perhaps not). Temp on new programmable is about 2 degrees hotter than thermometer in other areas of house, i've calibrated programmable, then it goes 180 (runs too long, i adjust it to be warmer, runs not enough then i adjust to be cooler) argh.

    Lately, since JULY, when the thermostat is 77, and starts to "cool down" around 6pm to get to it's requested 75, something happens. No expert here, but the temp says "set to 75" and the temp (actual) starts to run higher, towards 80. As if, this late in the day, the system is screaming to me (we're too old of a C/U and it's too hot this time of year to move from 77 to 75, give us more time).

    So around 6pm it's 77/78 inside, trying to cool to 75, moves to 78/79/80; ULTIMATELY around midnight it will cool to 75. IS THIS NORMAL because it's so hot and humid?

    OR... Am I a fool not to replace C/U and get up-to-speed, cooling more quickly and more comfortably this HOT/HUMID time of year? Could it be low freon, etc., though tech in July 2009 mentioned system was okay, old C/U, but all was running fine... Would think lack of freon would have "warm feel" to a/c all day and night...?...

    Don't want to run out and spend $ extra for new C/u unless it's time to step to the plate and get systems "current" and that' helps cool easier/faster and perhaps saves on future bills?

    Looking for any and all ideas before I call back to service company who performed 1 July 2009 and ask them what to do?

    THANK YOU IN ADVANCE - sorry for the diatribe...
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    call a service company, maybe a diferrent one, and have them send a tech out

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