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    Garage roof OR 80' Run for Condenser?

    I need a Rheem RAND 048 JAZ condenser installed. IF on garage roof would only need 20' lineset and would be in shade and no kids smashing it up. Only 8' high to low slope roof. Weight no big at 225#.

    Neighbor & Noise is the problem. Rheem says 76 decibels. Scroll says their compressors are as "quiet as a mouse". No way to test actual sound w/o full hook up. Neighbor is a good guy & I do care about his concerns.

    Have seen special "sound blankets" & fiberglass "sono-board" with lead sheets.(yaucht motor insulation) Think the sound could be "fenced" to mostly go strait up?

    Only other option is 80' run to S. side of house. Even thought fact. lit says 150' OK most opinions here say over 50-60' BAD idea!? Could easily cost $ or more for long line set up?

    What does real life exp. say? How much time is fair for a Rheem Tech to do the line set installation assuming unit is in place & electrical disconnect is correctly placed ready for final hook up? ( no heavy lifting!)

    Thanks for any advice.
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    I'd go with the ground installation at 80' before doing a roof mount.

    Just upsize the line size according to Rheem's chart for a 100' run.

    You shouldn't attempt to fence in the sound if it impedes airflow in any way. (6" min. needed for all sides and 60" needed for updraft)

    Your installer can provide a quote. Every site is different.

    Scrolls are pretty quiet. It's the OFM that generates the noise but it's not bad.

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    Thanks Dave

    I think I can compromise and put it in front which will keep line set under 50' & we will share noise equally with everyone in neighborhood!

    Anyone ever seen plastic mounting feet? Cerro website has pic of a condenser
    over a concrete pad held up with 4 plastic "feet" that raise it up 9-12".

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    They're called pump ups in this area.
    Used to raise heat pumps for better drainage. And A/C's so they don't get mulched over evedry year.
    Contractor locator map


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