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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyB60 View Post
    No I haven’t. I’m not that organized anymore, I guess because retirement is the only thing on my mind these days. I don’t even know where my EPA card is at the moment. I got it from Local 250 in 1995 or maybe it was ’96. I haven’t needed it because the wholesale places like Johnstone and others took photo copies and added it to my account info.
    Dude! Go pro and let us tap into your experience.
    No reserve. No retreat. No regrets.

    For those who have fought for it, freedom has a sweetness the protected will never know.

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    Welcome and read! Get your count up like they said! Everything under the sun is in here..... Even Twillis Underwear! *gag* uh... sorry.... you dont need to see those!
    Silent Service........ Death From Below!

    Somewhere in Kansas, a town found a village idiot!

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