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    LI women kills 7 and self in wrong way head on

    nobody could believe this story what was going on that made her enter an parkway exit (WRONG WAY SIGNED) for a 2 mile death suicide ride...follow up story will be coming out soon why she was in that state and driving
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    Ive always believed that when someone is caught for DUI that they should be charged with attempted murder.... because once they enter that vehicle after drinking....they know there is a 50 percent chance.....that they are going to kill someone.

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    I agree with ya cornholio....... on the premise, not your statistics. 50% chance? I read that the average person who gets a DUI has most likely driven drunk a couple of hundred times before being caught.

    Thats one gawd awful story tho....... specially killin all of her own brothers babies. He hadda know she was a f up.
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