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    Question Carrier/Payne/Bryant Coil (CK5A06) with PA13 -- PISTON vs. TXV

    Here's the deal. We have a home that has a PG9M-06 with CK5A-06 5-TON furnace / coil. We are looking to pair the coil and furnace up with a "matched" condenser.

    The CK5A-06 coil shipped with pre-installed 90 piston and it seems like a Payne PA13 condenser will be a nice match.

    The question:

    The CK5A is a 13-Seer Coil and can use both R-22 and R-410a (when used with a Puron TXV). The coil currently has a 90 piston. Can we just use the installed 90 piston with a Payne PA13 and call it good? OR do we need to use a R-22 TXV? Any other condensers you'd recommend for this furnace/coil combo?


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    I'd definatley go Txv kit. Much better metering of the refrigerant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdw293 View Post
    I'd definatley go Txv kit. Much better metering of the refrigerant.
    That is as " safe " as it gets for certain , lol ( like " the sky is blue " ) . Get them to " throw in " a hard start kit while someone is going through the trouble.

    edit : use the txv kit per manufacturer's instruction for your system ... as not to be " Captain Obvious ".
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