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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolPotato View Post
    I found some info here stating that if you go to 95% efficiency your tax rebate is up to $1500 with your yearly savings as much as 30% higher. I'm not sure if this info is correct. They have it stated with 2 examples with a Natural gas or propane (LP) furnace - 95% efficiency (AFUE) or greater.

    They also state that "combined with utility company rebates and credits you can now save up to 50% of the cost of the most energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems" the full info is here:

    I'm still looking for some furnace ratings. Anybody? Im looking for a table matrix comparing Trane, Goodman, Carrier. Goodman is obviously the cheapest and I am buying multiple so I wanted to get the tax credits and still save a significant amount of upfront money as well. I think I am going to go with the 95% efficiency Goodman for the apt complex.

    Not exactly. On installation of a 95% AFUE furnace you may recieve a tax CREDIT not rebate of 30% of the install price up to $1500. $1500 is the highest credit you can get. Now you need to check out all the facts carefully. I was under the impression that this tax credit is for homesteded residences only, and does not apply to rental property.

    Every brand has a high end furnace, a mid-level furnace and a low end furnace.... etc etc etc. You cannot compare furnace brands like other appliances. They are an installed product not a "white good" so the installation is a very crucial thing that is very hard to compare on paper. Since you are looking at the higher end models (95%ers) the 3 brands you mention will all be close in eff and basic tech. The Trane and Carrier will have more tech options for high end controls and settings and be a little quieter in my opinion. But the cost jump to pay for that is not worth it for an apartment complex in my opinion. I would put Goodman in any rental property I own.
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    Thanks Grasshopper. I think you are right about the tax "credit" and not really a rebate. I guess its all in your interpretation. I think I will go with the Goodman because at least they have a lifetime warranty on compressor and the upfront money is significantly lower.

    Also you're right with carrier they definitely have more features. Now I have to decide on variable speed or multi speed. Again variable speed is higher cost up front but I suppose saves money in operation over the long run.

    Thanks again for your reply!

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