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Thread: gaskets

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    Good Gaskets and a little refrigeration oil, Make sure to clean the surfaces real well, thats how I always do it.

    ps If you have a deep scratch in the flange then loctite I hear is good, I usally propose a new
    flange or service valve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yorktek37 View Post
    locktite 515
    Grape jelly Never let me down yet. Just use it sparingly and never on rubber gaskets.
    Low Pressure Forever!

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    Yay HVAC-Talk search feature!!

    I was trolling the internet looking for an answer to this question - 45 minutes on the www vs 15 minutes on htalk.

    Plus a little bump to keep this on top of the list for the next guy

    Hmmmm....smells like numbatwo to me.

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    The old timer that i worked with did not like puting oil on gaskits because if he ever had to replace them in the future they would be baked on and be harder to remove.I don't use oil unless i knew gaskits were leaking in the past.I wounder if there is differance.

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