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    Are the MCAA labor units pretty much industry standard for estimating?

    Question - are is the MCAA Manual of Labor units pretty much the industry standard starting point for estimating?

    Talking large commercial/industrial/healthcare etc. projects in the hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars.

    If not, then what are the most widely used published standard units?

    I know these, and all, labor units and are used as a "starting point" for bidding. Units may be, and quite likely will be, adjusted up or down to suite the job and/or the situation including all kinds of variables.

    Just wanting to know if these units are the standard kinda like the NECA units are for electrical contractors.


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    No estimators among us?

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    Pricing is generally not discussed in the open forums.
    Its reserved for the pro forums.

    Means is standard around here though.

    Get your post count up to 30, and apply for pro membership, and access to the Pro Business and Marketting forum.
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