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    What a great day I had yesterday! I have my parents up to the new cottage for a few days and yesterday my Dad and I were running some wiring and installing plugs in the boathouse. My father is a master electrician as well as master refrigeration mechanic, a member of RSES since 1946. We used to work together often in the distant past and it was such a pleasure yesterday working with him. He is so skillful and such a thinker and planner, still at 81, there is so much to learn from him. I lot of what I do, the work ethic and the planning come from him.

    I have a whole list of projects that I plan on doing together with him, plumbing, electrical and construction.

    It was a day I am so happy and fortunate to have had, I count my lucky stars. Wow.

    I just had to tell you guys about it!


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    I am glad for you. Not all of us have such a good relationship. I hope you enjoy many more years with your father.

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    Tell him Happy Birthday from us. Glad you had a good time.

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    Great...Wonderful...Good for you...even though it brought a tear to my was a tear a joy...for you and your family and the bond that you and your dad have. I sometimes do the 10,000 foot stare in a 10 foot room, then break into a smile....thinking about something my Dad and I did, mostly fishing related...When ever I see Roland Martin on TV I start Laughing, Roland was up at Henderson Harbor{Lake Ontario}, looking to go out fishing with the "Locals" fish for Salmon...well my Dad was something of a Legend when it came to Salmon fishing up there...after introduction were over, Roland, my Dad and I and my Dad's little dog Toby...{first Mate}...went out to get them salmon...first off Roland kept talking about all the neat gear that HE Had....and HIS boat was bigger....and he didn't like the kind of Down Riggers that my dad used...and one time Roland did this,,,,and one time Roland did that....and I could see my Dad getting angry....Then Roland said something about dogs on a boat...and something about dogs should be in a cage....then my Dad slowed the boat down and started back towards the harbor....My Dad called him every name in the book....told him how stupid he was for Puttin a Man's Stuff down while the Man was extendin his hospitality to him.... But to put a Man's Dog down....especially while being out in the middle of Lake Ontario....Something about Jimmy Hoffa was said...I thing Roland was gettin scared....My Dad called him a "Pompas Ass" pulled into the dock and threw Roland and all his Neat Gear off the boat....right in front off all the people at the harbor....and told him if he ever saw him again anywhere he would Break his Nose!!!!

    You just shouldn't put a Man's Dog down...Pompas Ass he kept mumbling....

    Thanks for the memories....

    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Your Dad...I Salute You Both...God Bless You!!

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    I am so happy for you, Don. I lost my Dad when I was 12, but am building memories with my son. He is about to build a new house and since I also hold a master's license in electrical and hvac we are going to do that in his house. I hope you have many more pleasant times with your father while he's here to enjoy. God Bless both of you.

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    he will read this post. Men in general do not express the love and appreciation to their fathers enough. My father is my mentor and friend

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    hope you get those projects done

    with him, sounds like he is still active and all for 81, cool beans, hopefully you will inherit those genes and keep this place going for another 40 years or so.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    Making it to 81 is a feat itself. The bonus is he knows a bunch of stuff

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