Hi, all. We will likely be going with a Carrier solution now for our furnace replacement, and we are considering a solution that would pair the Carrier ICS furnace with a Carrier Infinity 16 or 19. I'm having my doubts about this approach and am hoping you regulars can help -- especially those of you who know Carrier equipment well.

My questions:

-- Coupled with the Carrier ICS, would the Infinity 16 and 19 deliver heat at roughly the same air temp coming out of the ducts? The 16 uses reciprocating compressors and the 19 uses scroll compressors.

-- The Carrier dealer says the air temps from Carrier heat pumps are higher than with other heat pumps. Is this true? How much higher? What air temps can we expect? I'm concerned that we'll end up not using the HP to heat if the air temps from the ducts aren't pretty comfortable.

-- I know heat pumps generally run longer than furnaces and possibly with greater cfm. On a moderate heating day, is there a pretty high cfm going through the ducts a good bit of the day, so that it might feel drafty in some locations, or is the flow pretty low?

-- If well maintained, which they would be, are the two-stage HPs as reliable as the single-stage models (say, the Performance 15).

-- I'm considering the two-stage HP instead of a single-stage HP or A/C because the dealer says I'm much more likely to avoid big temp differences between the first and second floor of our home with a two-stage unit when in cooling mood. He estimates I could see a difference of 5 to 12 degrees (F) with a single-stage model but just a few degrees, maybe 3, with a two-stage model. Does this make sense?

-- The software the dealer uses predicts that I'd save about 50 percent with Carrier ICS and an Infinity HP relative to my current 80 percent gas furnace. Does this sound right to you? It seems a little optimistic compared to some of the online energy-savings calculators I've found. We pay about 10 cents per KWh for electrical and about $1.32 for natural gas.

Thanks for any help.