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    Need help with thermostat


    maybe someone can help me. I have an older Heil split system A/C heat pump.

    Tried to install new thermostat from an old manual (mercury) to a digital. I can't get the A/C to come on.

    I went to the attic and found these wires connected to the air handler.

    Red to R
    Blue to C
    Yellow to Y
    Green to G
    Orange to O
    White to W1 and W2 (jumped)

    I took a picture of the previous thermostat wiring so I would remember how it was hooked up. PROBLEM picture was deleted now I am unsure. All of the above wires were in use at the thermostat the white wire at the thermostat was stripped in two places and connected to two terminals.

    there is a optional jumper on the new Honeywell digital thermostat between Y and W1.

    I think it is the white wire that is giving me problems.

    I have hooked up the following
    red to R
    Blue to C
    Green to G
    Yellow to Y
    Orange to O

    beyond this I am unsure........jumper or no jumper? White Wire where?

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    Sorry, this is not a DIY help site. You need a contractor!

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