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    It's been steady hot(100*f) for better than a month down here in Austin. It's been drier than a popcorn fart too. Lake Travis has closed all but one of their boat ramps.
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    All of this past July the hottest temp we had was 87 and that was maybe 2 days worth, the rest of it was 70s and even 60s! This winter hit a botton temp of -17 degrees and several days of sub zero weather. Around here in the past when we've had that kind of extreme cold, extreme heat ALWAYS followed in the summer for example winter of 1999 had several record setting cold days as extreme as -21 degrees and then the summer was BLISTERING HOT all summer, I remember that very clearly that summer how hot it was, then I checked weather records and there was a day that set record of 101 degrees in late July that year.
    I checked weather records for all of the 1990s and the whole decade had severely cold winters with blistering summers! Now I want to know what happened to that! we had severe cold 3 winters in a row and NO hot summers! What gives!??? Just makes me mad.


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    Ask that idiot Owl Gorp.
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