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Thread: Avg kwh per day

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    Avg kwh per day

    Thought some might be interested in an anecdotal example of power savings going from an old inefficient Furnace/AC to an efficient one. I have the Rheem RGRL 4 ton Furnace with a Rheem 3 ton RAPL condenser and a Rheem RCFL 4 ton coil.

    My avg kwh usage this summer is 30 per day. My average for the same time periods during the two previous years was 50 kwh per day. So, I'm seeing a 40% savings in power consumption. I'm actually pretty thrilled about it.

    Is this typical savings going from inefficient to efficient or is this better or worse than what most of you see?

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    So what'd you have before?

    4 tons at 12,000 BTU/hr./ton at COP = 3 is 4.7 kw.

    How do your HDD
    compare for the three periods of interest?

    How 'bout the insolation for the same periods?

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