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    Carier Infinity furnace choice

    I am trying to figure out the difference between these two Carrier furnaces.




    Either model will be coupled with a 24ANA736 2 stage compressor. I get the 060/090 and 14/16 codes, but not sure about the MVB vs CVA.

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    Cold climate MVB 95% furnace,mild winters CVA 80% furnace.

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    Thanks. I live in MD and we are always borderline north or south. With the winters we can have, I think the MVB may be worthwhile, since I have a lot of window area and 10-15 ft ceilings.

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    The 58MVB060-14 qualifies for the $1500 tax credit. The 58CVA090-16 does not. When you factor this in, you find out the 95% efficiency will quickly pay for itself over the 80%furnace.

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