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Thread: New to grilling

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    New to grilling

    Hey guys I am new to grilling and I love it! I am using a cheap $20 walmart grill but it seems to me that everytime I grill there is a 50/50 chance that the coals will not be hot enough to cook at all. Maybe it is the charcoal I am using cause I buy the cheapest stuff I can find douse it in lighter fluid and light it up. Should I be using a chimney? Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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    yes to the chimney..also get the lump charcoal. some places its pretty inexpensive, usually its in a big brown bag. the ultra cheep stuff has more fillers than actual wood charcoal in it. that equals bad burn. Also with the chimney u wont have to spend $ on lighter fluid...just squirt some vegi oil on crumpled news papers and light it

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    The lump charcoal is the best. If you are in the HVAC business you'll run across the food industry. I get 40 LB bags for around 20 dollars from a food distributer.


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