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    Flipping a Trane Air Handler

    I have an upflow air handler in a 2nd story closet and want to reroute the ducts out of my attic space and run them between floors. (We have webbed joist floors and are remodelling anyway, so I will be able do the duct work myself.)

    Anyway, discovered that my air handler ... American Std. TWE024P180B0 ... is convertible and here's my question. Am I better off doing a hard u-turn out the top with my ductwork or paying someone to convert it to downflow?

    The 1st one would be cheapest-easiest-more convenient, because it is a DIY ... I'm just not sure of the efficiency/performance hit vs. the cost to pay a pro to flip it.


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    "Its Hard to Flip a Trane"

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