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    can I have the old one?
    think I can still get some use out of it
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    Quote Originally Posted by mike robinson View Post
    Why didn't he just go to the supply house and get a new blower wheel they don't cost near as much as a blower motor.
    the supply houses in my area all have 'rules' that unless you are an employee or an owner of a HVAC company - NO PARTS FOR U
    Guess there was a liability scare. That does not mean you cant pay cash for your own personal parts.

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    I would not warranty this and would not expect the mfr to do so either!

    customer should have had brains enough to know warranty policy from mfr, call HVAC Co when it first broke or call mfr.

    how do you know what caused what to go wrong?

    would tell customer that "you probably voided the warranty in doing this, but I will submit it to mfr. In the mean time you pay me and if I get reimbursed you will get reimbursed."

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    The sad thing ,that desperate times call for this sort of thing.
    Just thank God it was not a bad gas valve.
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    Thank you God, it could have been a gas valve.

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