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    Rheem A/C Question

    I have searched as much of this Forum as I could in an attempt to answer my question w/out having to bother anyone...But, I was unable to do so...

    My dilema: I have a Rheem RPKA-049JAZ that is 8 years old...This unit runs great most days, but on some days, it begins to blow hot air...I disconnect all power to it and let it sit for 30-60 minutes, turn it back on, and it runs fine for a few more hours to several days....Just depends...It seems to be either "resetting" itself, or timing out when I turn off power and wait.

    I have seen posts' referencing this to the defrost control, but only while the heater is on...My problem occures in the A/C mode only...

    I have tried testing the defrost board (while heater on) by using the test pins, and it "seems" to be working...I got it to activate and turn off...

    Is it possible to "Bypass" the defrost board all together and just have a unit that runs a/c only?

    I live on the beach in Sth. Ms. In eight years, we have used the heater twice...I don't even need it...I have 2 gas fireplaces that heat the house.

    Also, I have a Hunter digital themostat...all wiring for it was the same as the Rheem, with the exception of O and B...on the Rheem 'stat O was wired w/Blue and B was not used...On the Hunter, B is wired blue and O is not used...The Rheem had a jumper from E to W2...The Hunter does not...White wired straight into E on the Hunter...I managed to take a few pics before new one was installed.

    My wife said this started after we had the digital thermostat installed after Hurricane Katrina, but I don't remember that...It just started up again a few weeks ago.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    DIY help isn't given by pros here. You have a fairly simple problem that years of experience can solve rather quickly. Call a pro. Cheaper in the long run (you don't screw up your $$$$ system).

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    You will need a serviceman to test amp draw of system-make sure it's running and he comes out when it's most likely to act up.
    2.test the capacitor
    3.check refrigerant charge.

    I worry it's the compressor going off on thermal overload(too hot).You don't loose heat in the winter is due to the electric back-up.

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    Call your service contractor.
    Sorry, this is not a DIY site.

    Thread closed.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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