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    Quote Originally Posted by spotts View Post
    I supply every tool on the trucks. I also get pissed if theyre trying to work with dull drill bits, hole saws, etc. "Jesus you guys! You just spent 30 minutes trying to drill a hole with a dull bit! You know where they sell new ones! REPLACE THOSE!"
    Amen, tools should make you money and save you time
    If you help others then you are a Success

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    I have heard of a guy that supplied his own service van, he had it painted
    the new companies paint scheme when he changed jobs. Dont know if its true or not? I have worked at both end of this discussion in business and have work for the goverment. In my personal experence if you own the tools you take better care of them and you are less likely to lose them. That said wether you own them or not if you dont take care of your tools and replace worn out and broken tools your productivity and quialty of work will suffer.
    You and your companies repution will suffer.
    Waddya mean don't thaw out the frig with a knive?

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    wow ... you all just made me feel even better about the company that I work for! they provided me with a close to new service van (which was waiting for me after I returned from school) and they replace any broken or worn tools with ones of the same cost with little or no questioning

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