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    Got what they paid for

    The local church's are always looking for a handout from their flock. With the savings on that install the pastor or whatever they call themselves can buy himself a new luxo mobile and one for his mistress like it happened in my hometown and it got out but of course the flock forgave him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by papa_jo View Post
    no disconnect either- wow that took some thought right there
    First pic left side.
    Karst means cave. So, I search for caves.

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    Actually the power exhaust is probably new....typical for Carrier TM series install on the ground. It's look like the original unit was on the ground but probably had a factory installed disconnect. Carrier does offer side outlet on the PG series but they're 410a and can get a little expensive. Trane (around here) has the cheapest solution for side outlet on 15-25 tonners. The insulator did a good job for what he had to work with.....IMO.

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    i'm sure they used a crane to set it where it's sitting now.

    i agree the roof probably wouldn't support the weight of it.

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