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    Angry Early replacement A/C rebate denied

    I live in Massachusetts and recently had replacement of my existing functioning A/c system, a Carrier condensor (model# 38CK048310) and Goodman A/H ( model# A48-00 ) with a complete Carrier Infinity system. Massachusetts has a "Cool Smart" rebate program for early replacement of existing equipment and under this program, I believe I should be entitled to a substantial rebate.

    However, they (Conservation Services Group) denied the rebate, reporting to me that my above system, manufactured in 1991, has a combined SEER of 10.5 and does not qualify- they said it must be SEER 10 or less. They said I could look it up at I tried- couldn't find it. No where on the application does it say that the seer of the exisitng system must be 10 or less and I had a hard time believing that an unmatched system manufactured in 1991 using a builder's-grade A/H could have a combined seer of 10.5. I called AHRI and I was told that they don't have a seer for this system - it is not a matched system and there is no way to know the seer of this condensor/coil combination.
    I called back CSG and told them what I was told by AHRI. I asked them where they got this 10.5 SEER score. He didn't have an answer. He said he would look into it and get back to me. This is very frustrating. Are they trying to scam me? Do they get paid to withold/deny rebates?

    I have called my installer (who I trust) for any insight into this and I am waiting for him to get back to me but I wanted to see if any of the pros on this forum might have some insight, experience, or guidance regarding this matter. This site is a terrific resource and I really appreciate any help you may be able to give me. Thank you in advance.

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    That sucks. In NJ, you are told before any work is done, whether or not you will get any rebates.

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    The CSG rep that issued the denial is full of crap. AHRI is the authority on the SEER. There would never be a Goodman/Carrier match in their database.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    We do a program here also.

    I get a confirmation number before any proposals are made. We also print out the ARHI certificate and give it to the home owner.

    I need the ARHI number when I test the install. The install has to pass for the rebate to be paid.

    The customer never sees the rebate. It is sent directly to the office. The invoice shows the cost of the install minus the rebate. That is what the customer pays. We have to wait for the check from the utility.
    Beware of advice given by some guy on the Internet.

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