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    please help with heat loss question

    Hello all, I recently had cac system installed and this weekend a question popped into my head.I have baseboard heat what do people usually do to keep the heat from going up the return duct line in the winter I can shut most of my supply registers but I have to returns that are wide open> thanks in advance.

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    If it is a filter grille, cut a piece of sheet metal that size and put it in along with the filter. Some even wrap the filter with plastic. (Don't forget to remove it before starting the A/C in the spring. If filter is in attic you can do the same thing. Just a couple of ideas.
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    I assume your air handler is in the attic.

    On a slightly unrelated note, whever I do a blower door test on this type of install, I always find massive leaks between the ductwork and the drywall of the ceiling. Make sure this is well sealed to prevent additional unwanted heat loss/heat gain.

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