I came across this forum while looking for a place to voice my disappointment for the new Champion Evaporator Coolers, but I donít see anything on swamps here. I donít really have a question unless someone has something to add.

I live in the desert where it is hot and dry which is Prime Swamp Cooler territory. Anyway I just replaced two swamp coolers and the pumps that came with them are crap. If wasnít such a big job of taking them down, I would have returned them. Lucky I still had the old ones and salvaged the old pumps from them. The new pumps leak air and the bubbly water is not able to reach the spill trough.

Iíve had the old ones for 15 years and Iíve been real happy with them. I change the pads twice a season and only needed to replace the fan belt and bearings every 5 years. I did have to replace the original pump once because I accidently squirted it with the hose while cleaning it and it burnt up.

I still have my split AC unit for those few days that we get rain and the humidity is high, but I try not to use it because of the high electric rates here.