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    Question Is a slab coil a stand alone unit?

    Having AC system installed now and was a slab coil unit a stand-alone unit, or is it a coil box unit about 1 foot wide by 4 foot long and 3 foot tall that installs in the flow of the duct work ac/heater unit area? Supposed to be a trane model #4TXFH054.

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    It's a box about the dimensions you describe.

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    ok, thanks. It doesn't seem like it would be too easy to clean in the future since it's built into the flow like that. Should I have the new system serviced every spring to check the refrigerant level and check the coil and clean it if necessary? And in the fall too to check the heater? Is this necessary every year, or am I good for a few years since it's a new system?

    Also, this horzontal slab coil is supposed to be better than a boxed coil correct? Is a slab coil different than a "cased" coil?

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