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    am using IE 8

    i don't like the sensitivity of mozilla, firefox and the likes.

    google chorme is on my desk top, when i use it, and it is really nice
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    Firefox, very pleased with them...
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    Internet Destroyer will exist for as long as Microsoft is making operating systems.

    I've used Firefox for years, used Opera before that, and Netscape before that.

    I was using Netscape when it was the only web browser there was, then Microsoft came out with Internet Destroyer and tried to charge people for it, so I just said "no thanks". I never had much use for it after it became free, or later when it became basically part of Windows. About the only thing I use it for is windows update, but I can do that from within Firefox now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quickcat46 View Post
    Used Netscape for ever because it would remember my passwords. Now Flock or Firefox.
    Same here. Firefox/Thunderbird is about the closest thing I have seen to old Netscape.
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    Used to use netscape when I had dial up, now use mozilla and IE7 .
    Cannot stand the nanny ie 8,removed it about 10 minutes after trying it.

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