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    Smile I will never install a centeral FAU again …. if

    I will never install a centeral FAU again….if this is as good as it looks says I can use a water heater to “Zone Heat a house.

    The system moves hot water to each room, a “fan coil” fits into the wall between the studs and circulates air into the room.

    This system seems to have big advantages over a central FAU

    1. no duct work
    2. its ideal for zoning
    3. Can take less space when the house heater is combined with the water heater.

    If this works well, I will never recomend a centeral FAU design again.

    Are there downsides I should know about it before I recommend this system?

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    The system shown is heating only. For cooling all piping and fittings would have to be insulated to keep them from "sweating", which is what we call the condition where condensation forms on the cold piping and drips off to do damage to the house.

    Granted, they wanted to display the beautiful piping layout. Insulation for a heating only systemis required in certaing circumstances and is never a bad idea. The installation gets more compicated and costly with insulation, especially when the system also cools.
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    Cool and unique. But what if you get a leak? That looks like it would be a nightmare. Leaky air for the most part can do no damage, but water is a totally different story.

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