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    Which system would you choose? Ready to buy now.

    After lots of research and help, especially from here, I am ready to purchase a replacement gas furnace/heat pump system. I have narrowed down my choices to the following. Prices are essentially equal. All will include a 4" media filter (10 MERV). I will run the fan on low/circulate 24/7. Location is north central Ohio. All systems qualify for Tax Credits I am told (specific coils not always mentioned, so I will assume what I was told is correct for now). Assuming all other factors are equal, which system would you recommend? Why?

    Thanks tremendously. Advice here has helped me sort through a very confusing and expensive process.

    Trane XV95 Furnace (2 Stage, Variable Speed Blower)
    Trane XL15i Heat Pump (Single Stage)
    Digital Touch Thermostat

    Bryant 365CAV Furnace (2 Stage, Variable Speed Blower)
    Bryant 265ANH Preferred Series Heat Pump (Single Stage)
    Evolution Controls

    Lennox G71 Furnace (Variable Input, Variable Speed Blower)
    Lennox XP14 Heat Pump (Single Stage)
    Infinity Controls

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    Evolution is tops ,go for it ,and enjoy the comfort!!!

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