so i went to SEARS and i aced all their tests

(except for "advanced electrical" , i think i just did well on it)

they said they were going to call me and never did.

i called them again and they said "congratulations! THEY want to make you a job offer"

what the hell does that mean?

SEARS is advertising in every venue out here, they must be interviewing thousands of people.

they claim they pay 17 bucks an hour here and told me i would make more due to my "extensive experience", which scares the hell out of me because i've only been doing this for about 4 years.

they also said overtime was MANDATORY

if SEARS pays 17 plus OT, it's the best HVAC job in California unless you are a member of the Union Party.

i talked to one guy who worked there, he says he's been there for 7 years and likes it a lot, but everyone on this forum has nothing but horror stories and he wasn't in HVAC.

i try to ask SEARS questions but their answers are heavily guarded.

i'm not sure if i'm hired.
i have no idea how much i will be paid.
i feel like i will be there for 3 months and they'll drop me for not being a good enough SALESMAN.

has eveyone been recently hired by SEARS?