If anyone knows of a company in the New Haven or Fairfield County area looking to hire an "apprentice", I am very eager to get my foot in the door. I graduated in April '09 with a 4.0 GPA and an universal EPA. It has been a "rough" road since then finding a job. I have gone on several interviews and sent out so many coverletters/resumes, I have lost count and still NOTHING. I am on every job website (Monster, Careerbuilder, Simplyhired, Indeed, Craiglist, etc) on a daily basis. Also, on here, MEPJobs and even individual HVAC company website either applying for what is advertised or just sending my resume "COLD".

I know the economy is BAD, but come on. Why isn't anyone willing to give a guy a chance. The one thing I will say, is I am finding very little "professionalism" on their part in the way I am getting treated by these companies who do get in touch with me. I play telephone tag with many of them with no positive results and even after I interview, why do they say they will let me know in a week or two and never, ever get back to me. I have tried to contact them and they act like I am bothering them or I leave message(s) and they never call me back to explain...what gives?? Why can't they just be HONEST - sorry, we found someone else or your qualifications don't fit our needs. I could take that better than NOTHING.

When this keeps happening time and time again, it gets very hard to keep a positive attitude about this whole career change to HVAC that I have made.

Of course, I will continue to press on, that is all I can do. There are bills to be paid (like a student loan), but I am determined to get into a company. Hopefully, I will look back on this experience and and say "PHEW" at how much effort and determination it took to get into this industry.