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Thread: HVAC wannabe

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    Talking HVAC wannabe

    I recently moved to the D.C area and I'm looking for an Hvac school/program
    or job opportunity. Does anybody know where I can find a good school or a company that does OJT??????????????? Thank you.

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    local 602 is one of the best apprentice programs, but they are hard to get into, apply and wait. while waiting take courses at a community college related to hvac. nova woodbridge is good and montgomery county cc rockville. also get a resume on career builder and apply at all local co. good luck and never stop learning or trying to improve yourself. also think about the military, they have schools related to this and there are some old threads on here about them.

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    Thanks for the info. Yeah Woodbridge cc has a 2 year certification, I'm going to check it out. As far as military, Naw I'm straight I did my time Thank you again for da info. I'm gonna try local 602, I'll see what happens

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