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    just to add.. If that is the problem some of it can possibly be mitigated if you can shift more load (setpoint on that one vs others nearby?). Every minute the thing is running is time not cycling.
    Also the ones I'm seeing it on won't let you select lead compressor = problem child' ..which would have been nice.

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    We had seven DH380's that were installed in late 2007. There were serious compressor issues, some would shake and vibrate so badly that we were breaking the cap tubes on the low pressure switches and a few of them just broke. We finally got Liebert to admit that they had gotten a bad batch of caryle compressors. We ended up replacing 5 compressors and all of the valve plates even the ones on the new replacement compressors that Liebert had sent us. Liebert really steped up on this one, and they took it in the shorts and covered all of the parts and labor which was very cool on their part.
    I have done so much with so little for so long, that now I can do almost anything with nothing at all.

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