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    The worst install in the world part 4

    Some more butchery: How do you like the coiled line set? How about the tap on the bottom of the plennum for the ridgid duct?

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    I think you should be allowed to post what it cost the HO for this one, LOL!!!!!

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    The hurts!!

    How to torture those who take pride in their work...subject them to a non-stop slide show of these pictures.
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    At least he was nice enough to leave you some slack in the lineset.

    Never know when you might need to move that unit around.

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    Looks like a classic Home Warranty job.

    Homeowner probably thinks they got a steal for the $60 they had to shell out for it.

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    Is that the open end of the drain just turned up in the eave?

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    Quote Originally Posted by carbonguy View Post
    Is that the open end of the drain just turned up in the eave?
    Both of those shown are the emergency drains and neither were connected to the two units....they drained into the ceiling. Some drains were scd 40 drain lines and some electrical conduit, according to what was handy.

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    Lazy, Lazy, Lazy. Holy S&#T
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