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    The worst install in the world part 3

    We did not do this install, look at the drain line. The primary was terminated in the vent stack by drilling a hole and inserting the pipe so far it would not drain. The emergency pan was terminated with electrical conduit half way out of the attic to drain on the ceiling. He did not run the primary from the lowest tap on the evaporator pan. Look at the copper, it's still in a coil. Their were no wire nuts on the thermostat wire except for two, no heat was connected on the thermostat wire, two new units were installed and both thermostats were in the 2nd floor, but the only thing on the second floor is a glass sun room and a room used for storage.....the units never shut off because of the poor installation job and the temp of the second floor.

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    This is a joke right?

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    what was the service call for before you went there ??

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    Use alot more tape!!!!!!!!!!!
    Any job big or small,do it right, or not at all !!!

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    You simply do not understand Shin-Fu.

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    Hey I know who put that one in. It was one of our code enforcement inspectors. He turned his own work down when he got the job with the city. Just kidding(about who did it. He did turn down his own work though.)

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